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Total Digest Supplement Review and Giveaway

Dog health, nutrition, and general well-being are all things that I am passionate about. I love learning about different ways I can help my own dogs live healthier and happier lives. Thanks to technology and research, companies and veterinarians are constantly coming out with new products and techniques to help our pets. Even things like…… Continue reading Total Digest Supplement Review and Giveaway


Meet Yoshi!

A Girl and Her Husky has added a new member to our pack- Yoshi the Siberian Husky! Yoshi is about a year and half to two years old. I adopted him from the same rescue I adopted Echo from- Releashed Rescue in Georgia! Releashed rescued Yoshi from a shelter in Georgia where his time was…… Continue reading Meet Yoshi!

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How to groom a Siberian Husky

Proper grooming is an important part of owning any breed of dog. Different breeds have different requirements for how to groom them. Some dog breeds, like poodles and bichons, need to have their hair cut and brushed to keep it from turning into painful mats. Other breeds, like Siberian Huskies, should never have their hair…… Continue reading How to groom a Siberian Husky


FAQs about Siberian Huskies

Through being active on social media and by just taking my dogs out in public a lot, I get asked lots of questions about huskies from curious dog lovers and from people interested in the breed. I wanted to create a post to address the most common questions I hear about my favorite breed! 1.…… Continue reading FAQs about Siberian Huskies


Our First YouTube Video

We have finally uploaded our first video to YouTube! I put together several videos we had taken during our visit with Echo. At the time I did not think to take them on landscape, so you will have to excuse the fact that they are portrait. I hope you enjoy watching the cute videos of…… Continue reading Our First YouTube Video


New to A Girl and Her Husky

Hi all! Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I hope you are enjoying the dog product reviews, stories, and advice we share here at A Girl and Her Husky. I want to update you on a few new features we have and what is coming soon.  First, we are now on Pinterest!…… Continue reading New to A Girl and Her Husky

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10 Things I Love about TLC Pet Food

I have been feeding Gracie TLC Pet Food’s Whole Life Dog Food since November of last year.  I’ve been very impressed with this food and their company. I want to share with you the 10 things I love most about TLC Pet Food. You can enjoy $5 off TLC Pet Food with our coupon. It…… Continue reading 10 Things I Love about TLC Pet Food