Bark and Bites Treats

I am finally doing my review on Bark and Bites’ Blueberry Bacon treats and Sweet Potato Pretzels (links to each treat.) Basically, Gracie liked both of these treats. When I gave her a choice between the two, she picked the Blueberry Bacon. This is no surprise as she loves the blueberry bush we have in our backyard…… Continue reading Bark and Bites Treats

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Gracie the Dragon

I finally chose a costume for Gracie! I picked the dragon costume by Martha Stewart for Petsmart! Click on the link to see the product info and a cute Chihuahua wearing the costume. However, the contest we were going to last Saturday was rained out. It was moved to Sunday, but I had a family event to…… Continue reading Gracie the Dragon


The Picky Dog

Gracie is an extremely picky eater. She would rather starve than eat something she does not like. Especially when it comes to treats. Most homemade type treats she will not accept. She will take them from you, but then set them on the ground next to her. However, last month I won a giveaway on…… Continue reading The Picky Dog


Kong Traffic Dog Leash Review

So I chose one of my favorite items as our first review- Gracie’s Kong leash. I absolutely love this leash! Some of my favorite features are its double handles and the cushioning on the handles. Also, Gracie tries to chew through most of her leashes, however she hasn’t been able to do any damage to…… Continue reading Kong Traffic Dog Leash Review