Delca Plush Dog Toys

Delca Pet Products, whose toys are featured in BarkBox, sent me some plush toys to review. One of the items is a SNEAK PEAK of what will be in this month’s BarkBox! Since Gracie does not particularly have an interest in toys, I decided to borrow my mom’s Boxer-Rottweiler mixes, Milo and Baxter. Not only do…… Continue reading Delca Plush Dog Toys


TOY REVIEW- PetSafe Ultra Woofer for Determined Chewers

For our FIRST EVER toy review, I tried out PetSafe’s Ultra Woofer for determined chewers. As I may have mentioned before, Gracie is not huge on playing with toys. I have read that you can train a dog to play with toys, but she is just not interested. The few toys she does play attention to…… Continue reading TOY REVIEW- PetSafe Ultra Woofer for Determined Chewers


Gracie’s 8th Birthday

Thursday, November 19th, was Gracie’s birthday. She is eight years old! I cannot believe it has been that long. She celebrated with a yummy special dinner of beef and a Buffalo meat chew- and of course, lots and lots of love. Since it is her birthday week, I want to tell you a little more…… Continue reading Gracie’s 8th Birthday


A Poem for the Huskies and Malamutes of H2M2 Georgia

This is a poem I wrote for a college Language Arts class after our last Georgia Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle. A husky pack. Each is different All are similar. Wild and beautiful. ~ Ice with snow-white fur, Cold blue eyes that can pierce even the hardest of hearts. Tall and Handsome. Beautiful, like the…… Continue reading A Poem for the Huskies and Malamutes of H2M2 Georgia

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Advice from Husky Owners

As a husky owner, I am often asked about the breed and what it is like to own a Siberian Husky. I typically give people general advice about grooming, personality, and training; however, I always end it with the fact that just because my husky is this way, does not mean that all other huskies…… Continue reading Advice from Husky Owners

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Isabella’s Pet Shop

Isabella’s Pet Shop is a pet boutique based in Cumming, Georgia. However, this business is run by a 9 year old girl! Isabella has a passion for pets and a heart for animals rescues and shelters. Isabella creates bows and flower pet accessories by hand and travels to different festivals in Georgia to sell them…… Continue reading Isabella’s Pet Shop


Bark and Bites Treats

I am finally doing my review on Bark and Bites’ Blueberry Bacon treats and Sweet Potato Pretzels (links to each treat.) Basically, Gracie liked both of these treats. When I gave her a choice between the two, she picked the Blueberry Bacon. This is no surprise as she loves the blueberry bush we have in our backyard…… Continue reading Bark and Bites Treats