Echo’s Favorite Products

You might have notice our menu bar looks a little different. We have added a list of Echo’s favorite products! You can check out the list by clicking Echo’s Favorite Products on the menu bar or just following the link here.     I apologize for anyone who noticed my absence from my usual Friday post.…… Continue reading Echo’s Favorite Products

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Echo’s First Days at Home and Puppy Tips

This last Friday, March 25th, was a very special day. We went and picked up Echo from Releashed Rescue in Georgia. Echo has been with us for four nights now and it has been quite the adventure! Echo’s First Days:  I am convinced we have the smartest puppy on the planet. The first night home he…… Continue reading Echo’s First Days at Home and Puppy Tips


Our First YouTube Video

We have finally uploaded our first video to YouTube! I put together several videos we had taken during our visit with Echo. At the time I did not think to take them on landscape, so you will have to excuse the fact that they are portrait. I hope you enjoy watching the cute videos of…… Continue reading Our First YouTube Video