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Total Digest Supplement Review and Giveaway

Dog health, nutrition, and general well-being are all things that I am passionate about. I love learning about different ways I can help my own dogs live healthier and happier lives. Thanks to technology and research, companies and veterinarians are constantly coming out with new products and techniques to help our pets. Even things like…… Continue reading Total Digest Supplement Review and Giveaway


Echo’s Favorite Products

You might have notice our menu bar looks a little different. We have added a list of Echo’s favorite products! You can check out the list by clicking Echo’s Favorite Products on the menu bar or just following the link here.     I apologize for anyone who noticed my absence from my usual Friday post.…… Continue reading Echo’s Favorite Products


Delca think!Dog Treats Review

Delca Corporation sent Gracie some of their think!Dog Treats to try out. She was more than happy to try out the treats. They sent us three different varieties of their quality, USA made treats: Louisiana Crawfish with Alligator Jerky, and two vegetarian options- Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Soft Chews. Each treat has 20 calories…… Continue reading Delca think!Dog Treats Review


Bark and Bites Treats

I am finally doing my review on Bark and Bites’ Blueberry Bacon treats and Sweet Potato Pretzels (links to each treat.) Basically, Gracie liked both of these treats. When I gave her a choice between the two, she picked the Blueberry Bacon. This is no surprise as she loves the blueberry bush we have in our backyard…… Continue reading Bark and Bites Treats


The Picky Dog

Gracie is an extremely picky eater. She would rather starve than eat something she does not like. Especially when it comes to treats. Most homemade type treats she will not accept. She will take them from you, but then set them on the ground next to her. However, last month I won a giveaway on…… Continue reading The Picky Dog