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Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dental treats review

As you may remember, I am working on improving Gracie’s dental health. One way to help keep plaque off your dog’s teeth is to use dental treats. Natural Balance’s line of Limited Ingredient dental treats are grain free and only have 6 ingredients! Gracie and Echo tried out Natural Balance’s Dental Chews Limited Ingredient Treats…… Continue reading Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dental treats review

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Fidobiotic’s Puppy Breath Crusher Review

During Gracie’s annual checkup, her vet urged me to be more thorough about Gracie’s dental health or she would need some dental work before long. Gracie is 9 1/2 and has yet need a dental cleaning, mostly because she is really good about letting me brush and clean her teeth. However, it can be hard…… Continue reading Fidobiotic’s Puppy Breath Crusher Review

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Canine Dental Health

Canine dental health is important part of our dogs health that can be easy to forget about. Just like with humans, keeping up your dog’s teeth and gums is extremely important. You wouldn’t ignore it if you or your child had a cavity or gum disease, so do not ignore it when your dog does!…… Continue reading Canine Dental Health