Yoshi’s Favorite Products

Yoshi is a goofy, high energy Siberian Husky. He falls right between Gracie and Echo when it comes to pickiness. He isn’t super picky, but he doesn’t just love everything.


Yoshi’s Favorite Toy

Yoshi LOVES to chase tennis balls. His favorite ball so far has been the Kong tennis balls because they also squeak. I think Yoshi would play with his Kong ball all day as long as I toss it for him! p279l

Yoshi’s Favorite Dry Dog Food

Yoshi is currently eating Victor Active Dog and Puppy. Once he finishes that bag, I will switch him to Victor Hero with Echo.


Yoshi’s Favorite Treat

Yoshi really likes the Charlee Bear Crunchy treats. He wasn’t huge on the meaty soft treats that I use for Echo’s training, but he LOVED the Charlee Bear Crunchy ones.


Is there another category that you would like to know Yoshi’s favorite of? Ask us in the comments below!

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Katie and Yoshi

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