Gracie’s Favorite Products

This page will include a list of Gracie’s favorite products. I will continue to update this page as we try out different things.

Gracie’s Favorite Raw:

Gracie really loves eating Prey Model Raw and whole parts. She gets super excited over chunks of meat, organ, and whole raw bones. I love ordering our PMR from Raw Feeding Miami.


Gracie’s Favorite Dry Food:

Occasionally I have to feed the dogs dry food instead of raw. When I do, I am super picky about what I give Gracie. Gracie is on a strict diet to help with her Epilepsy and seizures. Right now the dry food I have for her is Acana Heritage Red Meats. Gracie much prefers raw over the dry, but she will eat this food. Gracie won’t touch most kibbles!


Gracie’s Favorite Chew:

Gracie loves Elk Antlers! She is typically a picky dog, but she will chew on one of these for hours! We buy her elk antlers at Best Bully Sticks.


Gracie’s Favorite Treats:

Gracie loves Momentum’s freeze dried raw treats! Gracie can be picky when it comes to treats, but she can’t get enough of these meaty treats!

Image result for momentum freeze dried treats

Gracie’s Favorite Collar:

Dog Drool Designs



I bought Gracie’s birthday collar here, as well as a collar for a contest winner. I love these collars and the variety of patterns that they offer. Plus they tend to have good deals on buying multiples of their products. I have had this collar for awhile now and I still use and love it for Gracie. I have gotten to know the team over at Dog Drool Designs and absolutely love them and their customer service.

Gracie’s Favorite Car Accessories: 

Kurgo Dog Travel Products


We have their backseat cover, door covers, and dog harness for the car. I definitely recommend these products for traveling with your pet.

Gracie’s Favorite Pet Shampoo:

Lucy Pet Products Surfin’ Jack Shampoo and Conditioner


I especially love the Blue Lightning Shampoo from Lucy Pet Products to bring out the bright white in her fur.

Want to know Gracie’s favorite from another category? Comment and let us know and we will add it to the list!

Thanks for reading,

Katie and Gracie

Disclosure: Companies CANNOT pay to get their product on this page. This page is specifically reserved for products that I am currently using and loving with my pets. Companies are welcome to send me products to try with my dogs, however that does not guarantee them a spot on this page. Likewise, products on this page may or may not have a full review on our blog. Images either belong to A Girl and Her Husky or to the company who makes the product.



15 thoughts on “Gracie’s Favorite Products

  1. So many new brands for us to check out! I am really loving that Outward Hound hiking vest. That would be perfect for some of our summer adventures. I am also very intrigued by the car harness. We don’t use one currently but I know that we should get one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love our Kurgo car harness. Gracie loves car rides and we do a lot of driving so car safety is definitely a must. It not only keeps her safe in case of an accident, but also prevents her from jumping up in the front seat and causing in accident.

      Liked by 1 person

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