Echo’s Favorite Products


Echo loves to play and loves to eat. He will eat just about anything, but he does have his favorite that he goes especially crazy about. I have made a list of Echo’s favorite items below.

 Echo’s Favorite Raw Food:

Echo loves eating Northwest Naturals. Echo isn’t a fan of big chunks of food. He would rather have nuggets, so Northwest Naturals’ 6 pound bag of nuggets are perfect for him!


Echo’s Favorite Dry Food:

All of my dogs are currently eating NutriSource Performance dog food. I like this food for Echo because it is free from corn, soy, by products, and artificial color and preservatives.  Echo has sensitivities and allergies that can be aggravated by those ingredients in food. He gets hot spots, cysts, and upset stomach.

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Echo’s Favorite Treats:

I recently tried the Bixbi Chicken Pocket Trainers with Echo and he absolutely loved them. He was very excited about training class and earning his treats. Echo loves a lot of treats, but he especially loved these.



Echo’s Favorite Toy:

Echo goes crazy for Fluff and Tuff toys. He even notices when the pet store I work at gets new ones in. These toys are also extra tough and do not get torn up easily.


Echo’s Favorite Chew:

Echo loves the Vital Essential’s Raw Bar! His favorite choices are the turkey necks and salmon skin, but he will take just about any of them! These chews are also much safer and healthier than many of the other options you will find.



Echo’s Favorite Joint Supplement

Echo unfortunately has bad joints and has to take glucosamine and chondrotin. I use Nupro Silver for Echo. In addition to the joint supplements, Nupro Silver also is a multi vitamin that helps maintain good organ function, brain function, and more!

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I hope you enjoy these products as much as Echo and I have! I will continue to update this list as we try out more things! Want to know of Echo’s favorite thing in another category? Comment below and let us know!

Thanks for reading,

Katie and Echo

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