Echo’s Favorite Products


 Echo is a smart and fun loving puppy! He loves just about everything. However, I have made a list of the products I have been using with Echo and loving.

 Echo’s Favorite Treats:

Echo is working hard in his train classes and needs a high quality and enticing treat to help him learn his new tricks and lessons. I love I’d Rather Be with My Dog’s Trios treats for Echo. I found that they are the most enticing for him and get him excited about training. Image result for i'd rather be with my dog trios


Echo’s Favorite Crate:

We have been using the Midwest iCrate with Echo and he seems to really like it. Echo does not mind going up in his crate and will go lay in his crate to take naps or just chill out. We keep his crate covered with a blanket to make it more den-like and comfortable for him.


Echo’s Favorite Cuddle Toy:

Echo loves his raccoon toy from Target. This Boots & Barkley Cuddle toy has squeakers in all four paws, plus one in the head. Echo also loves to sleep on top of his raccoon and will usually bring it to bed with him every night. I event went back and bought him a moose toy from the same line!


Echo’s Favorite Supplement:

Echo gets Fidobiotics’ Good Guts probiotic every day. Echo can have a sensitive tummy so the probiotic helps to stay feeling good and be the happy young dog that he is!


I hope you enjoy these products as much as Echo and I have! I will continue to update this list as we try out more things! Want to know of Echo’s favorite thing in another category? Comment below and let us know!

Thanks for reading,

Katie and Echo