Zuke’s Enhance Supplements Review

After talking with the Zuke’s team at the Global Pet Expo, I decided to try some of their natural supplements with Echo. Echo tends to have a pretty sensitive stomach. Switching foods or trying a new treat can easily give him an upset stomach. Supplements like Zuke’s Enhance Digestion to aid in healthy digestion are always of interest to me because of Echo’s stomach issues. I also like supplements that help to keep Echo’s stamina up on days that we have agility practice, as well as supporting his joint health. All the jumps and tight turns in dog agility can take a toll on their joints if you are not careful, so I give Echo joint supplements to help prevent any future injuries or issues. Zuke’s Enhance Endurance seemed like it would be a great option for Echo.


What did I like about Zuke’s Enhance Supplements?

The two ingredients that I really love in the Enhance Digestion supplement are chicory root, which contains prebiotics, and pumpkin, a source of fiber.  Both fiber and prebiotics help to support gut health. Fiber will also help to firm up the stool in the case of runny stool due to an upset stomach.


The ingredients in Enhance Endurance that caught my eye were the mushrooms cordycepts and reishi as well as EPA and DHA. Cordycepts and Reishi both support your lungs, which can help increase stamina and endurance during exercise. Cordycepts also helps support normal muscle recovery after exercise. DHA and EPA both contain omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s can help reduce inflammation in the joints and supports healthy skin and coat.

How did the supplements work for Echo?

I think that the Enhance Digestion in particular worked really well for Echo. When it comes to digestion, your dog’s stool tends to be a big indicator on how healthy their gut is (yes, I am going to talk about dog poo! LOL.) Really loose or light colored stool can indicate that their may be some digestion issues. A more healthy gut would produce firm and dark brown stool. If you ever see red or bloody stool, contact your vet immediately. Echo’s stool tends to be more mid level- not very firm and a neutral brown. Even when I am feeding him strictly raw food, which most dogs tend have better stool on, Echo still doesn’t have complete firm stool. I noticed that after I started giving Echo Enhance Digestion treats, that his stool became more firm, which indicates better gut health.


It is a little harder to tell how the Enhance Endurance is working since my purpose of  using it was more for maintaining a healthy stamina and healthy joints, rather than improving Echo’s stamina or joint health. Echo is a very active young working breed dog. He has a high stamina already, however the summer heat can take a toll on any dog. I started using the Enhance Endurance before the summer and I would like to think that it has helped Echo to maintain his endurance in the heat.*

*Note that I do not exercise Echo or Gracie during the hottest part of the day and do not encourage anyone to do so with their pets. Echo practices agility indoors with air conditioning, however the hot weather can still have an impact on any dog’s endurance.


I would definitely recommend Zuke’s natural supplements to anyone whose dog could use a little extra health support. If your dog is sick or has an injury, please talk to your vet about appropriate treatment. Supplements are meant to be used to support your dog’s health, but not replace medical treatment. I use daily supplements with both of my dogs and believe that supplements can help to prevent future issues and help with existing issues.

Thanks for reading,

Katie, Gracie, and Echo

Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received Zuke’s Enhance supplements to try out in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky- please do not use without permission.


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