Wellness CORE RawRev Review

We met the Wellness team at the Global Pet Expo this year and got to learn all about their CORE RawRev dog food. If you are familiar with Wellness CORE, you will know that this kibble is high in protein, grain free, and comprised of majority meat. Wellness CORE RawRev takes that premium kibble and…… Continue reading Wellness CORE RawRev Review

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Isle of Dogs Shampoo and Treat review

Both Echo and Gracie have very healthy and shiny coats, so taking care of their coats by picking the right shampoo is something that is important to me. Gracie in particular likes to dig and roll in dirt. It is a constant struggle to keep her clean and looking fresh, however I can tell she…… Continue reading Isle of Dogs Shampoo and Treat review

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Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Review

Stella and Chewy’s has always been one of my favorite pre-made raw brands. I love the variety of protein options that they offer and they have a good sized range of the way the raw food is prepared. They have nuggets, medallions, and patties, as well as having both frozen raw and freeze dried raw.…… Continue reading Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried Raw Review