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Fight Canine Flatulence with Fidobiotics

As you may remember, I started Echo and Gracie on probiotics from Fidobiotics in November. In my last post I discussed the benefits of probiotics for dogs and how Fidobiotics was working for my two pups. I wanted to give my readers an update on the probiotics and discuss another very important benefit of using probitoics with your dog.


I have noticed that Echo in particular had been having some problems with flatulence. Flatulence is typically caused by something in the dog’s diet, particularly beans, peas, and dairy. It can also be caused by new food or treats that the dog has never eaten before. Since I review dog products and work in a dog boutique, Echo gets to try out a lot of new treats that he has never eaten before. Having a dog with a flatulence issue can not just be uncomfortable to the dog, but it can be unpleasant to the humans the dog is around as well!img_4560

So how do you fix it? The best way to help eliminate a gas issue in your dog is to improve your dog’s gut health! As you may remember from my first post on Fidobiotics, probiotics support a healthy digestive system. They can help to eliminate a variety of digestive or GI tract issues, including smelly and frequent flatulence!


With Echo, it did take a few weeks of being on probiotics before I started to notice his flatulence was not as frequent as it used to be. However, now that I have noticed the change, I tested it out by letting him have a few new treats. Just as I had hoped, he did not get gas from the treats as he normally would have! I believe that using Fidobiotics have helped to strengthen Echo’s gut health and defend him against flatulence!


Has your dog ever had issues with flatulence? Have you ever considered using probiotics to help strengthen your dog’s gut? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

Katie, Gracie, and Echo

Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received Fidobiotics Good Guts to try out in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky- please do not use without permission.


22 thoughts on “Fight Canine Flatulence with Fidobiotics

  1. You have a great point here. I don’t think that a lot of dog owners think about how simply adding a probiotic to their dog’s diet could help with flatulence. Gas can be very uncomfortable for the dog has it and the owner that has to smell it! These probiotics are an awesome idea!

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  2. My dogs don’t have a problem with flatulence regularly, but when I was a kid we had a Bullmastiff. I can’t tell you how many times I had to leave the room after she let one go, but it was way too many times. Poor thing. we didn’t know any better.

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  3. That’s awesome that you found an easy solution to the flatulence problem. That’s definitely an issue that isn’t fun for anyone around! When I adopted my first two cats, I wasn’t feeding them a high quality diet (I didn’t know any better at the time), and they would let out some stinkers. I eventually did more research on cat foods and switched them over to a much better food, and the issue cleared up. Diet and gut health are so important – for furries and humans!


  4. Probiotics are a god-send for pets with digestive issues. We use them regularly in the cat’s diet now…. and started using them when Charlie was first diagnosed with IBD – amongst many symptoms he also had the stinkiest gas ever.

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    1. You should! Probiotics are good any time- not just when your dog is on antibiotics! They have to boost their immune system and protect them from sickness. They are also great for the gut, like I discussed in this post.


  5. My Husky, Icy, can get quite gassy! I can’t tell exactly what causes it, but I hadn’t thought about treats – I was focusing on just food. Probiotics would probably be a good idea for both my dogs to improve the health of their guts.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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    1. I’ve noticed that fishy treats seem to really trigger Echo’s gas! For his birthday last week I gave him his favorite salmon chew that would normally make him gassy, but he was fine. I was especially glad since he was at work with me that day, LOL!
      Probiotics are wonderful. Not only do they help with gut issues like this, but they also help to boost the immune system and protect your dog from sickness.


  6. I am going to look into these. The Golden have this problem from time to time and we just thought it was all part of being a dog. lol Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Gas in dogs is a lot like gas in humans- a little is normal, but too much can be uncomfortable and a sign that there is something wrong in your gut! Probiotics help improve gut health and also boost the immune system to help protect your dog from sickness.


  7. HAHAHA You know what … just yesterday ALL DAY my Lyla was excreting the most AWFUL aroma! It was deadly! I need to get her some of these. I do not think she has a real issue per say as it was just yesterday and it has stopped but it sure would not hurt to give her some of these now and then as a precaution!

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