Andis Premium Brushes Review

Echo and Gracie got groomed last Wednesday and we got to try out our new Andis Brushes! We met the Andis team at BarkWorld this year. I had never used any of their products before, but when they demoed their deshedding brush on Echo, I was instantly in love. Having two double coated dogs, good brushes are very important to me. I was very excited to try out their line of premium brushes and combs on my huskies, since shedding and brushing is a daily thing when you have a husky!



Premium Large Pin Brush

The first brush I tried out was the Premium Large Pin Brush. This brush is great for removing dirt and tangles and spreading your dog’s natural oils throughout the coat. Andis suggests using this brush first during the brush out process to help smooth and shine the coat. Gracie and Echo had a bath and blow out before getting brushed, so they did not have any dirt in their coats, but I felt this brush helped to get any small tangles out of their guard hairs and some in their undercoat.


Premium Firm Slicker Brush

The next brush in the Andis Premium Grooming Line is the Premium Firm Slicker Brush. Slicker Brushes are wonderful for dogs like huskies who shed a lot. I have always loved using slicker brushes to get out loose undercoat. I loved the large size and comfortable handle of the Andis Premium slicker brush compared to other slicker brushes I have used in the past.


Premium 7.5″ Steel Comb

The next tool that we used is a comb rather than a brush. The Andis Premium 7.5″ Steel Comb is great for removing tangle and mats and anything else caught in the fur. I also like using combs when the dogs are blowing their undercoat (for non-Northern Breed people, this is when the dogs shed all their undercoat and it comes out in chunks) since the combs help to remove the fur easily.


Premium Deshedding Tool

This next tool is the one Echo and I received and tried out at BarkWorld in October. The deshedding tool is wonderful for getting out the loose undercoat without damaging the topcoat. The curved teeth also protect your dog’s skin from being scratched. This tool worked extremely well on Echo. I was able to get out a lot of undercoat while using it. However, Gracie has a much thicker coat and I did find it slightly more difficult to get out her undercoat with it. I prefer to use the other brushes on her, but this brush is definitely better for Echo.


Bonus: Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The last brush I reviewed was not part of the Andis Premium line, but I have always been interested in self-cleaning slicker brushes! I hate having to pick hairs out from in between the bristles. I have even have had my finger pricked on some brushes! The self cleaning brush made this so much better! All the hair came off the brush with the push of button! I will definitely be using this brush a lot in the future.



The biggest difference I saw in the Andis Premium brushes verses other brushes that I have used in the past is that the design of these brushes made them easier to use and they seem like they will hold up much better than other brushes. Many of the brushes I have used before start to lose their bristles or teeth and fall apart. I also really liked the handles on these brushes. They were very comfortable to hold. I will definitely continue to use my Andis Premium brushes in the future.

How often do you brush your dog(s)? What grooming tools do you use for your dog’s coat? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

Katie, Gracie, and Echo


Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received brushes from Andis to try out for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky- please do not use without permission.

22 thoughts on “Andis Premium Brushes Review

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  1. These look like a great set of grooming tools. I’d love the deshedding tool, I’ve used other brushes on my Husky, Icy but they do often pull out the top hairs which Icy doesn’t appreciate!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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  2. Those look like good brushes! One of my dogs is an Eskie mix, so she has some shedding issues. I wonder if these brushes would be a good option for her. She is also part Pomeranian.

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  3. These looks like good brushes, with a nice comfortable handle design. Deshedders are so hard to get right – you are spot on in understanding your pup’s coat (some respond well to the deshedders and some don’t – like our super thick, long-haired Shih Tzu)! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I used to work in a groom shop. Good brushes are so important. So many folks wonder which ones are best and I’ve seen so few reviews on grooming items. Thanks for sharing, especially the pictures on how the brushes are used. πŸ™‚


  5. I love the Andis products! Edie may be a short haired dog and not have the need for combs and brushes for thick coats, but I do have a cat with long hair and a double coat.
    I use the slicker brush on my cat Lloyd to get to that undercoat of his. It works great and he loves being brushed.

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