Fidobiotics Review, probiotics for dogs

This past month I started Echo and Gracie on probiotics by Fidobiotics. I met the Fidobiotics team at BarkWorld in October and was excited to try some of their products since I had been hearing about how great probiotics were from others in the dog loving community. Probiotics are the good bacteria found in our bodies and in dogs’ bodies that help to support the immune system, digestion, and much more. Probiotics can die from just heat and moisture, as well as from any antibiotics that your dog takes to help fight infections and bad bacteria. Giving your dog probiotics helps to add the good bacteria back in to their body and build up their immune system. Fidobiotics offers several different probiotic products for your dog’s digestive health, dental hygiene, anxiety, and immune system boost.image21

After talking with the helpful staff at Fidobiotics, we decided to try Echo and Gracie on their Good Guts for Medium Mutts for digestive support. Fidobiotics’ Good Guts products are daily probiotic supplements with added digestive enzymes to help support digestive health. Fidobiotics’ other probiotic products include Relaxin’ Rover with L-tryptophan, chamomile flower and ginger root to help calm your anxious pup, Puppy Breath Crusher with barley grass, kale, alfalfa and citrus bioflavonoids to help battle bad breath and support healthy gums, and Immuno Boosto with a blend of 20 billion CFUs of probiotics, eight mushrooms, eight herbs, and four vitamins to give your dog’s immune system a boost during allergy season or to help fight allergy or food related illness.


I first introduced the probiotics to the dogs by offering them each a capsule. The probiotics are packaged in 30 single dose capsules in blister packs, which help to maintain freshness and protect the product from heat and moisture. The capsules are flavored with all natural, GMO & gluten free bacon and cheese flavors to help entice the dogs. Echo ate his probiotic right up, however, Gracie, my picky eater, did not like the capsule casing, so I opened up the capsule and added the powder to Gracie’s food. She happily eats the probiotic that way.

Echo and Gracie have both been on Fidobiotics’ Good Guts for about a month. Echo will typically get loose stool whenever he tries a new food or treat, however I tried a few new things with Echo this past month and he did not get any stomach upset. Gracie will only occasionally get digestive issues and I have not seen any issues this past month. However, these probiotics do much more than just help the dogs’ digestive tract! Probiotics also offer a boost to the immune system, decrease allergies, aid in nutrient absorption, support heart heath, improve mood, and help improve coat health. Echo and Gracie both got itchy skin in October from seasonal allergies, however both dogs have stopped itching since starting on Fidobiotics.


Our experience with Fidobiotics has definitely been positive so far and I cannot wait to continue to use the probiotics for Echo and Gracie and share the benefits with my readers! Even after just one month I have already seen improvements in both dogs. If you are curious about starting your dog on a probiotic, I would encourage you to check out Fidobiotics’ website for both information on probiotics as well as their various products.

Have you ever tried probiotics with your dog(s)? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

Katie, Gracie, and Echo


Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received Fidobiotics Good Guts to test in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky- please do not use without permission.


34 thoughts on “Fidobiotics Review, probiotics for dogs

  1. Fido Biotics sound great! I love that their container looks like a fast food hamburger container – that is really fun. It also gives you the idea that these probiotics will taste good. Your dogs look very happy with them! I have used goat’s milk for probiotics with my cats. They love it and I do notice some differences in the litter box afterwards.

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  2. That’s so interesting that they have probiotics that serve different purposes like calming, I didn’t know about that. I first tried probiotics when our Vet gave them to Icy when she was taking antibiotics to treat a GI problem. She got better in just a couple of days.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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  3. We, too, are big fans of probiotics and have incorporated it into my FiveSibes diets years ago. My acupuncturist and I always talk about “healthy gut” for both humans and our canine companions. I’ll be very interested to see how Echo and Gracie do long-term on this product. Thanks for the great review! Pinning to share!

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  4. I literally just got back from walking Piper where one of my neighbors was suggesting that some of Piper’s anxiety might be addressed through improving her gut health. Piper arrived as a foster puppy with some serious stomach issues and it took us months to figure out what was going on. We finally got her on a grain-free single protein diet, which really improved her overall health but the anxiety has proven a bit more difficult to get a handle on. I appreciate your advice to try opening the capsule and sprinkling the powder directly on food as Piper HATES taking pills and capsules. This sounds like it might be a great option for improving Piper’s overall health!

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