Answers Raw Goat Milk Review

Echo and Gracie had the pleasure of trying Answers Raw Goat milk this week! I wanted to share with you the benefits of raw goat milk for your dog and what Echo and Gracie thought of the milk. Why give your dog raw goat milk? Raw goat milk is a natural source of probiotics and…… Continue reading Answers Raw Goat Milk Review


BarkWorld 2016 Recap!!

Echo and I had a blast attending the BarkWorld conference again this October. What is BarkWorld? BarkWorld is a conference where pet digital influencers and brands can connect and learn more about growing their blog or brand through social media. Echo and I got to meet several online pet celebrities while also networking with different…… Continue reading BarkWorld 2016 Recap!!


Happy Birthday Gracie!!

Yesterday we are celebrated Gracie’s 9th birthday! Gracie got to come to work with me and get groomed and spoiled with tons of treats. She also wore her special birthday bandana. Gracie had fun being the center of attention on her special day. She picked out several treats and got frosted cookies. Echo might have…… Continue reading Happy Birthday Gracie!!