Zignature Dog Food Review

Zignature is a US based dog food company with 8 different dry food recipes and 9 wet food recipes. They sent us coupons to try 2 of their dry food recipes with Gracie and Echo- the Zssential Formula and the Trout & Salmon Meal Formula. I have heard great things about both of these foods so I was excited to try them out with Echo and Gracie.

Zignature’s food is formulated for All Life Stages, meaning that their food meets the nutrition requirements for dogs of all ages. This was important to me since Echo is still a puppy and needs food that meets the requirements for his growing body.

When looking at new foods, I always go check the ratings on Dog Food Advisor’s website. Dog Food Advisor gave Zignature’s Zssentials Formula their highest rating of 5 stars and the Trout & Salmon their second highest of 4.5 stars. Dog Food Advisor also breaks down the ingredients list and highlights in red the ingredients that may be controversial or bad.

A few things I love about Zignature’s recipes are that they are meat first, grain and potato free, and packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that dogs need. Meat should be your dogs’ primary source of protein. Many dog food companies fill their foods with grains and vegetable proteins in order to not have to include as much meat. Zignature is grain free and rich in animal protein.  The Zssential Formula is a multi protein recipe with turkey, lamb, duck, & salmon. The Trout & Salmon Meal Formula is also meat first, but only includes Trout and Salmon as the animal protein source.

Gracie and Echo really enjoyed both of these Zignature recipes. Personally I would favor the Zssential Formula, however the Trout & Salmon Meal might be better for a dog with allergies. They had clean bowls with every meal! Gracie, my picky eater, even ate all of her food with Zignature! The dogs definitely give Zignature 5 paws up.You can find Zignature at a local pet store using their locator or you can purchase it through I would recommend this food for anyone looking for a meat first, wholesome dog food.

Have you tried any of the Zignature formulas before? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

Katie, Gracie, and Echo

Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received Zignature Dog Food in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky- please do not use without permission.


6 thoughts on “Zignature Dog Food Review

  1. Going to try zignature for the first time with our husky every good brand we’ve tried her stools are always soft. Heard from a friend this is the brand to buy, thinks for great reviews.

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  2. This brand has meat as the first ingredient but ingredients are listed by weight and meat has a lot of weight from its water content. The second ingredient is meat meal, which is the meat without the water. Then there are three different legume ingredients, which are dry (no water weight). I wonder if the water from the meat had been removed and if the three legume ingredients were combined into one, if the first ingredient would be legumes. I don’t know, but it seems somewhat likely. I wonder if it uses three different legumes instead of one to avoid having the legume be higher on the ingredient list — that is a common trick.

    This food seems much better than most, and I will likely try it. But be aware that these ingredient lists usually play games to make them appear more presentable. This could easily be a plant-first, meat-second food. That doesn’t make it bad, just different from what it is presented as.


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    1. That is a good point. I do agree that Zignature is legume heavy, especially now that I have learned more about ingredient splitting and reading an ingredient list correctly. However, I still think with it having both meat and meat meal that it would come out with more meat, especially their Zssentials formula verses the single protein formulas. Some of the single protein formula might be pushing it. I should note, however, that I am not looking at the ingredient list as I am typing this, but going off of what I remember about Zignautre’s ingredients.
      I think that Zignature is a great option for dogs that have specific protein allergies or intolerances and need a limited ingredient diet, as well as dogs who need to avoid potatoes in their diets.
      Now that I have tried a large variety of foods with my dogs, I would have to say this is one of my favorites for my special needs dog who needs a specific diet. As for my other dog who doesn’t need to avoid any specific foods in his diet, I prefer a multi protein food over single source. If I were to feed him a Zignature food, I’d pick the Zssential formula.


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