PupBox Opening and Review

Echo’s 4 month old PupBox arrived! His second box is themed around teething- perfect for a 4 month old puppy! PupBox sent us wonderful treats and toys for teething, as well as advice from their certified trainer on staff. As I said in my last PupBox review, I love that this subscription box customizes your monthly box to your puppy’s size and age. PupBox also sent me a coupon code to share with all my readers! Use the code “ECHO” at checkout for $10 off of your PupBox purchase!


Echo’s 4 month old PupBox included a medium Gorilla Ball, Zuke’s Genuine Beef Jerky, a Pupsicle frozen teething aid,  N-Bone Puppy Teething Rings, The Natural Dog steer stick, and Lulubelles Duck Tugger.


Echo loves his new Gorilla Ball! A particularly neat feature about this ball is that it is flavored! Different size Gorilla Balls come in different flavors. Echo’s medium ball is blueberry flavored. This makes the toy more interesting for puppies and encourages chewing, which is good for a teething puppy.


Echo was also a huge fan of the N-Bone puppy teething rings! These teething treats are natural and edible. Each ring lasted Echo around 30 minutes of chewing. They were perfect if I ever needed anything to entertain him in his crate or in the car! The rings also have added calcium to support healthy teeth along with Omega 3’s.


He also really enjoyed the Zuke’s Jerky treats! These treats smelled just like regular beef jerky! Echo also thought the flavor was great! He went crazy for these treats. Zuke’s Jerky treats are also grain free and packed with protein. I let Gracie try these treats as well and she also thought they were very yummy!

I have really enjoyed using the Pupsicle with Echo. To use the Pupsicle fill it with water and put it in the freezer. A few hours later you have a great teething toy for your puppy! The frozen water also helps to sooth puppies’ gums. Be sure to give this treat to your puppy somewhere where its okay to get water everywhere! IMG_0143

The steer stick in this PupBox is made by the same company that the bully twist was from in our last box- The Natural Dog! Echo especially loves these long lasting chews! This 12″ steer stick lasted Echo about a week with chewing on it some every day!


Lastly is probably Echo’s favorite item from this month’s PupBox- Lulbelles Duck Tugger. Echo takes his duck everywhere! He even prefers to play fetch with the duck over a ball. The head of the duck has a squeaker and the body is a handle for tug-a-war. This toy is also very sturdy, perfect for a teething puppy!

Overall, I was very impressed with this month’s PupBox. Echo loved all the items he received once again and it was perfect for his age. We can’t wait to see what we receive in next month’s box!

Don’t forget to use our coupon code, ECHO, for $10 off your subscription. Order your PupBox here.

Thanks for reading,

-Katie, Gracie, and Echo

Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received a PupBox and a custom coupon code for our readers in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky- please do not use without permission.


20 thoughts on “PupBox Opening and Review

  1. Echo looks like he is having a howling good time! We love subscription boxes too and have to admit it’s fun getting a surprise each month.

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  2. What a neat service! I love how the boxes can be customized for the age and size of your dog. Looks like Echo really enjoyed himself!

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  3. I love this! As a professional dog trainer, I’m always looking for things for my clients to help them with their crazy puppies! It’s good to know what’s included in these boxes, and also great to know that they custom pack them based on the age of the puppy!! Great review! Thanks!

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  4. How exciting to get a toy and treat box each month! I like that the products are “age appropriate”. I’m sure Echo will be kept busy and happy with his box of goodies.

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