Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers Review

This month sent us a package of grain free Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers to review! Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers are superfood clusters that you can add to your dog’s food to provide a nutritional boost and exciting flavor. They come in two different varieties- chicken or turkey. Echo and Gracie got to try out the chicken! These toppers are 90% free range chicken with blueberries, chard, pumpkin, and apples. Proper Toppers can be used as a topper for your dog’s regular food, used as a complete meal itself, or used as a treat. I tried it both as a topper and a treat with Echo and Gracie.01fc76312101496d673e2e4a67bb73417fa8085662

Both Echo and Gracie thought Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers were a great addition to their food! While Echo loves about anything that is edible, I sometimes have trouble getting Gracie to eat her whole meal. She is definitely my picky girl! However, when I added Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers to her food, she not only ate every single bite, but was excited about meal time! This was a huge success for me since I would like to get her on a set meal schedule rather than free feeding her. Since Echo is still in training, I also liked that I was able to use the Proper Toppers as training treats for him! The pieces are small enough that they are perfect for training and Echo was very excited about the flavor!011c6dd166037fcdcbf79bcb0eb6f2868136859bc2

I also enjoyed that Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers are not only tasty for my dogs, but good for them too! They are mostly high quality meat with the added benefits of superfoods! It is the perfect addition to their daily meals.016db842b76339fff49c9ff1105641b8f4afbd99cf

I would recommend Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers anyone looking to add an extra nutritional boost to their dog’s food or wanting to get their dog excited about meal time again!013361222da079930ab8acd29632c0bbfd5995ad76

You can find Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers and a variety of Honest Kitchen products at by following this link or you can follow this link to see the Honest Kitchen Chicken Proper Toppers that we reviewed today!

Thanks for reading!

-Katie, Gracie, and Echo

Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers from in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky- please do not use without permission.



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