Bark Pouch Treat Review

017f76ef767c88a57c11c0f6d508e453f065705aaaRecently a dog treat company contacted me about trying out their products. At first I was unsure because these treats are unique and I hadn’t ever seen anything like them before.
However, I decided to give it try and I am sure glad I did! These treats were a HIT with Gracie. Bark Pouch treats are unique and natural treats designed by professionals in the pet industry to be easy to use and great for training. What is so special about these treats is that they come in a squeezable pouch. This design is great for quickly giving your dog a treat while training or on the go.0134b5c4417a192a3c4963eb6a39cb585ed8fa07f9

They suggested using Bark Pouch treats for training, leash etiquette, and even fearful aggression and high sensitivity treatment and training. For Gracie I just used them for practicing basic training etiquette such as “sit” and “stay.” I did not have to ask her twice when I had a Bark Pouch in my hand! LOL

Fresh, human-grade ingredients are used to make each treat pouch. These treats come in three different flavors- “Berrylicious Peanut Butter Recipe,” “Cheesylicious Salmon Recipe,” and “Cheesylicious Sardine Recipe.” All three flavors are made with two ingredients: exactly what is in their name. The Berrylicious berries are blueberries and the Cheesylicious cheese is ricotta. Gracie’s favorite flavor was the Cheesylicious Salmon Recipe. It is very important to keep these treats frozen and only defrost them if you plan on using them in the next few days.01e9123326204b35f8e920b963b462110f0f1cc08f

Overall, I would definitely recommend Bark Pouch treats as training treats or even just as a special treat for you pet. You can try just a single Bark Pouch for $4.10, a three pack for $11.85, a five pack for $19.35, and a ten pack for $37.20 plus shipping. Currently Bark Pouch is offering shipping in the Chicago area, but if you live out of this area and are interested you can email Bark Pouch at

Thanks for reading!

-Katie and Gracie

Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received Bark Pouch treats to try out in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky- please do not use without permission.




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