Delca Plush Dog Toys

Delca Pet Products, whose toys are featured in BarkBox, sent me some plush toys to review. One of the items is a SNEAK PEAK of what will be in this month’s BarkBox!

Since Gracie does not particularly have an interest in toys, I decided to borrow my mom’s Boxer-Rottweiler mixes, Milo and Baxter. Not only do they love toys, but they are also great to test the durability of the toys. Both of the brothers are over 120lbs and have the big Rottweiler mouths.watermelon_website_large.png

The toys I received are a Watermelon plush with a squeaker inside and a Gift toy that had the plush outside but a tougher, squeaky inside. I decided to give Baxter the Watermelon and Milo the Gift, as Milo is a little larger and may need the tougher toy. Neither of the brothers have had a plush toy before since they tend to be pretty rough. Most of their toys are aimed at chewing and chasing. So, the plush toys were a new experience for both. To test the toys out I had to separate them, as they can be possessive over toys and food.


I started with Milo and his Gift toy. He wasn’t sure what it was at first, but he knew that was suppose to do something with it. To help him out, I squeaked the toy a few times, which made him really interested. During his first playtime with the toy, he mostly carried it around and sniffed it. However, I came back the next day and tried again with him. He was excited to see the toy again and 01af4bbfdd7dbf3b2433e66a238a29de7b94c305d4carried it around with him everywhere he went for a few hours. He definitely claimed it as his the second day. Milo also figured out that chewing on the toy was fun too. I think that he really enjoys it and is starting to figure out what to do to make it squeak. Since he enjoyed it so much, I left the toy with my mom so that he could play with it more.

01f4e884d42737992d8c2d4e45aa93e7f27ef2f9a2Next, I tried out the watermelon toy with Baxter. Baxter is definitely more of a toy dog than Milo is. He seemed to instantly know that it was something he could play with. He picked it up and squeaked it, and even brought it to me to throw for him. Baxter loved the Watermelon plush toy right away! Of course, he also wanted to go show off his toy in front of Milo to make him jealous. The Watermelon Plush was a big YES for Baxter.

My opinion of these toys are that they are great for playful and toy loving dogs! Even dogs who are a little more picky towards toys will enjoy playing with them. In my 0135e2a3b371c2c736cc16a815d993ba19cb5f9615experience with dog toys, anything that squeaks is a major plus, and both of these toys squeaked. If I were to buy these toys for Milo and Baxter, I would probably go for one more like the Gift toy, as it seemed a little more durable for their large size and breed. If you are looking for a toy for your dog, I would definitely recommend Delca’s selection of Think! Dog Toys.

You can check out Delca’s toy selection here.

I will also be reviewing some of Delca’s treats that they sent me soon. Gracie will be back to being my test subject for the treats. Milo and Baxter would make bad treat test subjects since they would eat just about anything! Also, we will be having  another husky meetup this Saturday at the dog park! Pictures will be uploaded soon after.01bf740fec820c515af0ab5a4e94ea7133d9b8436f

Thank you for reading,

Katie and Gracie (with Milo and Baxter)

**Update 1/10/15: These toys have become Milo’s and Baxter’s favorites! They must have them every time they play. They are about to fall apart, but we will definitely be getting them more!

Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received Delca Dog Toys to try out in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky- please do not use without permission.


9 thoughts on “Delca Plush Dog Toys

  1. My dog was given the watermelon toy(that’s what she knows it by). Well she lost it somehow. Now we cannot find any that are like it. Do you know where I can get her a new one? The one she had, had a big squeaker in it.


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