Rescue Husky Shot


Two Siberian Huskies- Merrok and Leloo- escaped from their foster home in Washington, GA on Thanksgiving Day (11/26). The huskies had been rescued through MUSH rescue, a Siberian Husky rescue based out of Alpheretta, GA. If you know much about huskies, you know that they will find any way they can to try to escape from a house or yard. However, Merrok and Leloo had never escaped before. Unfortunately, during their adventure out, Leloo was shot at close range and Merrok hurt his leg (possibly hit by a car or kicked).  When they were found they were in really bad shape- Merrok had a limp and Leloo could not even stand.

11202805_1133255283371164_132800846259476979_nAfter a an examination at the vet, Merrok was cleared with just hurt tendons in his leg. Leloo had been shot by a pellet gun, however it did not hit any major organs. A big concern for her was being able to walk. After lots of care from the vets at Lincoln County Veterinary Services, Leloo was able to return to her foster home for the rest of her recovery. 12278848_10156259072395521_6774968985235878622_n

Miraculously, these two babies survived a shooting after escaping their foster home. However, this does bring up an issue that has become more common lately- dogs, particularly huskies, are being shot after wandering away from their homes. People come up with excuses such as they thought they were wolves or they were chasing lifestock. I do not think these are excuses for shooting someone’s pet. Breed education is one way to combat these tragedies. Many people are still under the misconception that huskies are more closely related to wolves or even look like wolves, compared to other breed. However, huskies are just as closely related to wolves as any other breed of dog, and there are distinct differences in the way a husky looks and a wolf.12299393_10156259026900521_5624264468813518187_n

Huskies are also typically very friendly dogs. The AKC even describes Siberian Huskies as “Friendly, gentle, dignified; alert, but not aggressive.” I have even had vets tell me about the breed being generally “aggressive” and “unfriendly,” however that is an incorrect generalization. There will always be dogs that do not meet the standard. I am sure that there are unfriendly huskies, but that is not the standard. 12308555_1131103826919643_29618491774636137_n
This is a topic, as a husky owner, that I am very passionate about. It is heartbreaking to hear about dogs being shot or abused. Especially when it is based on false education about the dog. I know that there will be people, even with education, that still do not care and will continue in their cruelty towards animals. However, if we as a community, can education just one person and save just one animal from being needlessly hurt or killed, it is worth the effort. 7226357_1448675125.7666_funddescription

If you would like to support Merrok and Leloo at MUSH Rescue, you can check out their GoFundMe for the vet bills here. If you would like more info on MUSH or would like to rescue one of their dogs, check out their website or  Facebook page.

Thanks for reading!

-Katie and Gracie

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