TOY REVIEW- PetSafe Ultra Woofer for Determined Chewers

018e7d8ca80f68974968f21e860b02c32c9dabd41cFor our FIRST EVER toy review, I tried out PetSafe’s Ultra Woofer for determined chewers. As I may have mentioned before, Gracie is not huge on playing with toys. I have read that you can train a dog to play with toys, but she is just not interested. The few toys she does play attention to usually end up buried in the yard somewhere. However, I decided to try out the Ultra Woofer because it does have rawhide treats in the center.


The toy come in a very durable package; I am assuming  it is to keep any of the “determined chewers” it is meant for from opening the package 010ec07665f8f1f88893726600957a2556badb08d2without their pet parent’s permission. It is pretty impossible to open without the use of some strong scissors or a knife. The treat in the center is a refillable rawhide ring. The toy also comes with two extra refills, and PetSafe has them for sale on their website here. The Ultra Woofer comes in three different sizes- small, medium, and large. The small is for dogs under 10 pounds, medium is 10-50 pounds, and the large is over 50 pounds. The toy I got is a medium, which is just at Gracie’s size of 50 pounds. Because I received this product in my BarkWorld swag bag, I did not get to choose the size.

01e2af996bbcea50aa8b14d14a2ab0b0b42a1513eeGracie was very interested when I first presented the toy to her. She sniffed the treat and would lick the toy, but she would not pick it up or chew on it. I believe this was because she does not usually play with toys and did not know what to do with it.

Because I really wanted to try this toy out, I decided to let my mom’s Rottweiler-Boxer mix Milo play with it. The toy is much below Milo’s correct size, as he is 120 pounds. However, I monitored him closely as he played to make sure he did not attempt to swallow anything he shouldn’t. I also only let him have it for 20-30 minutes. Milo REALLY enjoyed the Ultra Woofer (maybe because it is the first toy he didn’t have to share with his brother! LOL.) My mom even pointed out that he has been playing with it for a few weeks now and has not completely torn it up. He has eaten all of the rawhide treats though. Also, by seeing Milo play with it, Gracie even picked it up and chewed on it for a while (until she ate all of the rawhide treat.) 01beb5a4561f3cca801e9b5abeefb84645b9bb76bb

After trying this toy out with Milo and Gracie, I think that the Ultra Woofer by  PetSafe is a great toy for your dog that loves to chew. It is also a good way to keep your dog entertained without being destructive.

You can purchase this toy here.

Thank you for reading!

-Katie and Gracie (and Milo too!)



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