What I look for in a Vet

I am currently looking for a new vet for Gracie. Our previous vet messed up shot records on multiple occasions, so we have made the decision to find someone new.

I thought that since I am in the process of finding a vet, I would share with my readers what I look for when I look for a vet.

First, I research vets in the area. Who has the best reviews? Who is known for their good practices?husky-puppy-vet-18675617

Next, I will look at the Vet’s website. Obviously there can be good vets who do not have a website, but it is easier to find the ones who do. While on the site, I ask ‘What services do they provide? Is there information easy to find? What is their mission statement or company values?’ Also I look at prices. Are their services within my price range? I also want to know if the Vet pushes medications or if they only medicate when necessary. Many medications can have worse side effects than the thing they are treating. I believe it is important to only medicate when it is really needed. Also, breed knowledge is important. Is the Vet familiar with my dog’s breed? Do they know the breed standards? I once had a Vet tell me she does not like most of her Husky costumers because the breed is so unfriendly. That is a bad sign to me because anyone who knows anything about huskies knows that “friendly” is in the breed standard. They actually make bad guard dogs because they are more likely to greet a home invader than attack one. At the same time, you do not want a vet who only goes off of the breed standard without getting to know your individual dog. 507335959_XS

Some vets will offer a complimentary first time visit for new costumers and some do not. Some vets will also offer different things with their wellness visits, like ear cleaning and nail clipping. Look into what the vet offers and what is unique about their services.

Different vets will also specialize in different areas. Some may be small animals, some may work with more farm animals, and some may focus on senior animals or animal behavior. Look to see if the vet has any specializations and if those specializations serve your pets’ needs. Some vets might not have specializations; this does not mean they are a bad vet.

These are just the things that I have been looking for when I look into a new vet for Gracie. There may be other factors that you believe are important. Feel free to share with me what you look for in a vet, as it may help me with trying to find the right fit for us.

In other news, please keep my Aunt Denise in your thoughts and prayers. She is in the hospital and not doing well at all. A few weeks ago, she had a part of her large intestine removed during an emergency surgery. Yesterday, she had to be rushed back to the doctor with pneumonia and an infection in her incision. It turns out that the infection is a flesh eating bacteria that she contracted while at the hospital. It has already done some damage on her. She is going in for surgery again today.

Thank you for reading,

Katie and Gracie


3 thoughts on “What I look for in a Vet

  1. I hate trying to find a new vet…in the five years I have owned dogs I have had just two vets that I have really trusted, and a dozen vets I haven’t trusted AT ALL!

    We’ve had a vet spay my SBT and give no pain relief or aftercare advice, we’ve had the same vet flip my BC cross and pin him on his back when I had said he was nervous and asked the vet to be gentle – we only took him in to get a tiny lump on Kasper’s tail looked at!!

    The vet we have now is WONDERFUL, although I don’t trust *any* other members of staff at the surgery…but this vet is worth staying for. She takes my concerns seriously, and when I lay out something that I think would help my dogs (eg. treating them on the floor, letting us be the ones to restrain them etc) she goes out of her way to make it happen 🙂

    Good luck finding the right vet. It can be difficult but it’s so worth it when you get them 😀

    Sending you and your family positive wishes about your Aunt too.

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  2. When I’m interviewing a new vet, I also discuss euthanasia (when and under what circumstances and whether or not they agree with my criteria for my own animals), diet (I feed raw and I won’t use a vet who’s going to lecture or shame me for it), and vax schedules (some vets still vaccinate for everything every single year which is unacceptable to me).

    Sending good thoughts your auntie’s way. I hope today’s surgery is successful and that she makes a quick and complete recovery.

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    1. Good points! I also try to use holistic remedies for both myself and my pets when possible. My previous vet also supported this, which is something I liked.
      Thank you for your thoughts ❤️ her surgery went well, but she is still not out of the water. She is in ICU and they will have to do a few more surgeries this week.

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