Bark and Bites Treats

I am finally doing my review on Bark and Bites’ Blueberry Bacon treats and Sweet Potato Pretzels (links to each treat.) Basically, Gracie liked both of these treats. When I gave her a choice between the two, she picked the Blueberry Bacon. This is no surprise as she loves the blueberry bush we have in our backyard (and she loves bacon.)0113b90a8fbd70869531373ab74e89d04bcdf68138

Bark and Bites does not list the ingredients used in their treats (or at least it was not on the bag and I did not see them on the website.) They do claim to use fresh, local, and organic products. They also suggest to freeze their treats if you do not use them immediately. I definitely suggest doing this- I did not freeze them after a few days and the sweet potato pretzels started to mold 😦 However, this is not a negative thing since it does show that they are made with fresh and organic ingredients.

I would recommend these treats. Because of my experience with the sweet potato pretzels, I do believe that the company is using fresh ingredients but they could improve by including an ingredient list on their products.**


Bark and Bites gets 4 paws up!

-Katie and Gracie

**The company is now including an ingredient list on their products

Disclosure: A Girl and Her Husky received Bark and Bites dog treats to try out in return for an honest review. All images are property of A Girl and Her Husky- please do not use without permission.


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