The Runaway

So today is my birthday. I am 21 years old today. However, Gracie gave me a not so awesome present. Over the weekend my family came to visit and eat cake. We sat in the backyard to enjoy the fall weather. Since we were in the backyard, I propped the gate open so people could easily get to the backyard. For those of you who own a husky or any dog that longs for whatever is beyond the backyard fence, you can guess what happened next. Unfortunately my mom forgot about the open gate and let Gracie out into the backyard. She went straight for the gate and did not even think twice about dashing through.01e326b9a209bda7fcb4231afa198b6ea20883f25d

If you want to know what stress feels like, I think that spending 40 minutes searching for your dog and hoping that she doesn’t head towards the busy road while all the dogs in the neighborhood go crazy is pretty accurate. Gracie eventually did return home after ignoring my calls for the majority of the time. The first time I almost caught her she came running like she was going to come right up to me then ran past just out of reach. Needless to say I was both stressed and frustrated. Thankfully she was unharmed and worn out after adventure. However, the bath I gave her last week was completely ruined. Oh well. Below is a picture of Gracie after her runaway evening.

-Katie and Gracie

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  1. i have a husky and this similar thing happened a couple weeks ago… my dog ran out the backyard because the gate was open! he never cares to dig holes to escape or anything like that. well that day was very windy and he ran out. Thankfully my neighbor called me and brought him home!

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  2. The very few times the Fluffy Dog has gotten loose, I have been utterly terrified. Every possible awful scenario goes through your head, right? So glad to hear Gracie is back home and safe! (Also, happy birthday!)

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