Gracie the Dragon

I fin01540c2a5d73506dee8cde0367778ac3ca16c9ad0aally chose a costume for Gracie! I picked the dragon costume by Martha Stewart for Petsmart! Click on the link to see the product info and a cute Chihuahua wearing the costume. However, the contest we were going to last Saturday was rained out. It was moved to Sunday, but I had a family event to attend that day. I did get some photos of Gracie wearing the costume though!


Originally, I thought Gracie would be impartial to the costume, as she does not mind her hiking backpack. However, she definitely noticed a difference! She first tried to shake it off, then she yawned (a sign that it made her uncomfortable) and attempted to bite the wings. After this she gave in and ignored the costume. I felt bad for making her anxious so I did not leave it on for very long (5-10 minutes.) We had just come outside so she was very eager to be able to run around and not be stuck taking pictures. Next time I try the costume I will let her run off her energy first to see if that makes her more comfortable. Overall, I thought the costume was pretty cute, but Gracie’s well-being is my first concern.01b0d286373b05ce99555f50da7ff0e2157809d148

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In exciting news…I have became an admin for Georgia’s Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle (H2M2) club! I am very excited for this opportunity to advocate for snow dogs in my state and meet with other owners.011832e0ad88dde7640fd27e5225a4e0a221b9de26

Coming soon to A Girl and Her Husky….

A review of blueberry bacon treats and pumpkin pretzel treats from Bark N Bites!

A review of the hands-free leash by OllyDog! 

I will be attending Barkfest in Metro Atlanta and a Husky Huddle Malamute Mingle meetup!


-Katie and Gracie

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