So Gracie and I are going to a dog festival this weekend and there will be a dog costume contest. I really want to enter, however I have never dressed Gracie in a costume. I think she would be fine since she does not mind her hiking backpack. I just don’t know what kind of costume to dress her in. Do I want to have a matching costume with me and Dylan? or should I just put her in the cutest thing I can find? Obviously I do not want to spend too much money on it.

I was thinking about trying some of my old costumes. I have a fairy costume that I think would work. Can dogs even wear human costumes? I am thinking this one would work because it is short and sleeveless. Plus, the back of it is Velcro. I also saw a Darth Vader dog costume at Party City for $7. I loved it, but I was not sure if a large would fit her or if she would be too hot.

My costume this year is a cave-woman. I thought it would be cute to dress Gracie up either as a Dinosaur or a dragon.

What do you think I should dress Gracie in? Have you ever put a pet in a costume? If so, what did you dress your pet up as?


In other exciting news, I placed my order at Bark N’ Bites Bakery on Etsy for Blueberry Bacon treats and Pumpkin Pretzel treats. Hopefully Gracie will enjoy both of these. Keep an eye out for a review coming soon!!

-Katie and Gracie

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  1. I vote for dragon, but either one would be hilariously cute! The closest I’ve come to dressing up my dogs is one time I tied a pink-and-gold dollar-store child’s tutu around the Brindle Dog’s collar. She’s a big black shepherd, and it looked so sweet on her! But she didn’t really enjoy the experience, so no costumes for us. 😦 Don’t forget to post pics of Gracie all dressed up!

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