The Picky Dog

IMG_7562Gracie is an extremely picky eater. She would rather starve than eat something she does not like. Especially when it comes to treats. Most homemade type treats she will not accept. She will take them from you, but then set them on the ground next to her. However, last month I won a giveaway on Instagram (check Gracie’s account out at @a.girl.and.her.husky) and two of the prizes were treats. To my great surprise, she LOVED these treats. 

The first one was the Pumpkin Apple Spice Treats from Blue Eyes Bakeshop. Unfortunately, the treats were fragile and broke up in the mail, but the packaging was fine so I was still able to use the broken up treats. I had never given pumpkin or apple to Gracie before, so I was unsure how she would react. She could not get enough!! I definitely recommend these treats! Plus it supports a small business, which I am all for! Check out Blue Eyes Bakeshop hereIMG_7355 IMG_7354The second treats were from Best Friends Bakery! They are called Braided Breath Busters. Gracie absolutely loves them and I love the ingredients (and her fresh breath!) I will be ordering more of these treats in the future, as we only have one left! These treats come in different sizes (I got large) and are pretty durable in shipping. Check out their shop here.

If your dog is a picky eater or you are looking to support a small business, check out these two shops and try out their dog treats! My picky pup definitely gives these shops 5 paws up!

-Katie and Gracie

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  1. My husky is such a picky eater as well! He definetely is just the same way. He would rather starve than eat something he doesnt like. 😦 Even with treats!!!!! He is not the type of dog that just because its a treat he will devour it… nope! Hell get it and go hide it somewhere.

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      1. yes it did! i am still trying to leash train him! 😦 he does have the leash on thats not the problem its having him to walk instead of pulling my whole body like im a sled 😂 😩


      2. Did you see my review of Kong’s Traffic Leash? I used the short handle to help Gracie learn to walk by my side instead of pulling. It was very chaotic at first, but she eventually got the idea. Also, I would reward her with praise when she was walking correctly. My trainer told me not to focus on your dog or what they are doing while you are walk, but to just enjoy the walk. So eventually they will learn that they need to pay attention to you to know if you are about to stop or make a turn. When you are training, you want to make frequent turns and stops so the dog will learn more quickly. Also you want to make sure that you are relaxed and not tensing up or pulling on the leash from your side. Dogs will not understand communication through pulling or shaking the leash, but through body language. The goal is to get your dog to walk on a loose leash.


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