Student Teaching

Last week I started student teaching in a local middle school. So far so good. Preplanning was interesting, even though I was mostly making copies and attending meetings. On Friday, the students arrived. All the classes are good. I am teaching 7th grade Language Arts. I really like my mentor teacher because she has a lot of structure and really good classroom management, which are areas I believe I struggle in. Anyway, I just wanted to let my readers know where I have been and what is happening in my life. If there are any other teachers reading, please feel free to give me tips!!!

Gracie isn’t too pleased with me being gone all day, but I have been taking her on long walks after I come home. She really needs to be groomed, but it keeps getting dark too quickly!!

I am planning on doing reviews on some of Gracie’s favorite treats coming up soon, so stayed tuned!

-Katie and Gracie10489844_10207125387992117_4777650567906579027_n


2 thoughts on “Student Teaching

    1. Thank you! I write mostly about my dog and hiking, but I will include occasional updates about me and things that are going on. Good luck on your student teaching! I’ve really liked it so far, but I just need to get used to the hours!

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