Outward Hound Backpack for Dogs and Stone Mountain Hiking

So this last weekend Dylan, Gracie and I went with a local dog group to hike the 5 mile trail going around Stone Mountain. I absolutely loved this trail. There were several spots where the dogs could get in the water to cool off and it wasn’t over crowded like you would expect from Stone Mountain. However, toward the end of the trail we did have to do some climbing on the mountain which the dogs (or the humans) were not too fond of.


Gracie was wearing her Outward Hound backpack during our hike. She had only worn the pack once before, so I was very eager to try it out again. The first time she wore it was at the Suwanee Greenway in Suwanee, GA. During that trip I had issues with the pack slipping and ending up on her side. This was easily solved by 01e3bdb1a171813a4228aeb0c90f40a949bef3342etightening her straps. During our Stone Mountain trip we had no problems at all. A few features of the pack are that it is removable from the harness and has a handle on the back. I also love that the harness clips on under the pack- this makes it much easier to get on and off. Unfortunately my pack does not have a place to clip on your leash, but Outward Hound’s new model does. Gracie has done really well wearing the pack as well. She tried to shake it off a few times, but other than that she has done good. She hasn’t tried to roll over on it or pull it off.012e2b4cca618514bfd82252ea5a33c24d41138e65

My ratings of the Outward Hound Pack:

Usage: 5 paws up! Large pockets and smaller pockets inside

Style: 4 paws up! The bright green pack looks great! However, the vest harness under it isn’t too stylish

Comfort: 4 paws up! Gracie does not seem uncomfortable in the pack at all, but she does try to shake it off a few times when I first put it on.

Overall: 4 1/2 paws up! I would definitely recommend getting one of these backpacks!

P.S. The pack does not come with a flower, I added that myself. You can get one of these flowers from Isabella’s Pet Shop.

Where to get an Outward Hound pack?

Get the newer model at Outward Hound’s website for $39.99


Get the same pack as me on for $17.51

Thanks for reading my post!!

-Katie and Gracie


3 thoughts on “Outward Hound Backpack for Dogs and Stone Mountain Hiking

  1. Gracie looks to be the same size as my Siberian Huskey. The pack seems to fit her well. Could you tell me what size she is wearing?


    1. Hi Heidi! She is wearing a medium. When I first got it, I thought it was going to be a little small, but it ended up being perfect! In order for the pack not to slide around, it needs to be more fitted.


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