Kong Traffic Dog Leash Review

kong traffic leash

So I chose one of my favorite items as our first review- Gracie’s Kong leash. I absolutely love this leash! Some of my favorite features are its double handles and the cushioning on the handles. Also, Gracie tries to chew through most of her leashes, however she hasn’t been able to do any damage to this one yet! I’ve caught her chewing it on multiple occasions and no damage done! With the double handles on this leash, you can quickly move your dog out of the way when passing people on trails and sidewalks. I really love this feature when we go hiking. It is also great when there are other dogs that appear rambunctious and you would prefer to avoid. It has also come in handy during training while Gracie was learning how to walk on a loose lead. She has learned that when I am holding the short handle, she need to stay by my side on a loose lead, but when I hold the end handle, she can explore and sniff around. Needless to say, I have not found anything I do not like about this leash. Both Gracie and I give the Kong leash 5 paws up!

You can buy the leash at Petsmart for $19.99!


Gracie with one of our Kong Leashes at Fort Yargo State Park

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